Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Money Trend Has Reversed

As of 11AM, my Money Trend indicator has reversed so I am selling back to 30% invested in stocks today, Wednesday. (I'll be 70%-G; 30%-C in the TSP, Gov retirement account.) My conservative view is shaped by the many negative issues with the overall market. See “Why the Bull Market May be Dead” in my 14 December blog at…
Further, the %-of new-highs has been falling even as the markets have been improving over the last month and the Overbought-Oversold Index (Advance-Decline Ratio) remains OVERBOUGHT. As a result, I am attempting to trade the market on a short-term basis with long-term money.  Since short-term timing is not a good strategy, this will probably underperform a buy-and-hold strategy if the markets do not correct.